Hello, from the other side of your computer. My name is Andrew Fowler I am a freelance graphic designer specializing in minimalist design, branding, typography, and advertising.  I enjoy loud music and good times and good design. 
I started designing as a teenager and I had no idea what graphic design was; I just knew I liked making fliers for concerts. After a series of dead end jobs and still having fun making designs on the side, I decided I would go to school and leave the past behind. Now I am fortunate enough to be on contract with large agencies such as W+K, Twitter, 24/7 Laundry Service, Birksun, FCA, Nike, and more. as I am able to run my own business as well. I have a huge passion for music and am interested in all aspects from advertising, apparel, branding, packaging, print, and digital.
Let's create something awesome together. Contact me at permainkstudios@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @permainkstudios
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