Alternative & tattoo culture acceptance; Inkquality. 
As we progress as a culture and see new generations take their first steps into adult hood and career driven lives we still face a lot of opposition. Tattooed, alternative, women, gay, and disabled people still face many issues in day to day lives. October is breast cancer awareness month as well as anti-bullying month. For this I chose to do something supporting tattooed women and seeing their rights be shown.
As a tattooed male I do face a lot of looks and even doubts on my character but, as I see more and more I notice women face even more intense hate and bullying because of tattoos and alternative life styles.
For an art show that is joined with many other artists and designers supporting certain causes for the month which include gay rights, internet bullying, domestic violence, and this project as well I decided to run a small poster series along with a free small book featuring models and professional tattooed women with plenty of information and powerful messages as a take away for the month.
As a tattooed person who deals with the looks day to day but still does his job, I took this to heart to make it happen. I ended up reaching out to a woman named Sarah Mudle who is an internationally published tattoo model. Her generosity and kind heart allowed me to get plenty of photographs to work with and was nothing but an honor to have her to be part of this project.
Equality and respect are important to remember.
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